• ReaSevt / FOOD SUPPLEMENT / DRINK WITH 100% NATURAL ROSE WATER/ Favors the normal function of the digestive, urinary, respiratory and nervous system; / Stimulates the function of liver, gall bladder and kidneys; / It helps regulation of the levels of blood sugar; / It has antibacterial activity...
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  • NATURAL COSMETICS / Rose water is a product obtained by steam-water distillation of fresh blossoms of damask rose, the world well known oleaginous rose. Rose water is an excellent toner which will make your skin gentle, glowing and healthy. Its properties are .......
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  • HERBAL TEA MIXTURES / Variety of herbal tea mixtures, packed and labeled in accordance with clent`s requests on "Private label" basis. Packages of 40 gr, 30 gr or 20 gr: crushed or cut or whole, banded in bunches ...
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20 Feb, 2017
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SPECIAL OFFER /for inquiries: sales@vesselino.com/

Seedlings for rosa damascena and lavender
We are expecting your orders now for buying during autumn.