German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) essential oil

Essential Oils from German Chamomile


Bulgarian Name: German Chamomile

Botanical name: Matricaria chamomilla L.

Used part: the flowers

Origin: Bulgaria

Oil-bearing part of the plant: the upper part of the flowering plant

Appearance: Transparent liquid

Color: Characteristic, dark blue

Aroma: soft, specific, warm, fruity-floral, herbal, sweet

Method of extraction: steam distillation

Analytical method: Gas chromatograph

Analytical certificate: Available on request

Ingredients: alfa bizabiol, bisabolol oxide A, bisabolol oxide B, paraffin, sesquiterpenes of canden type, pharnezin and hamazulin (azulene), which gives the blue color of the oil. The essential oil also contains coumarins, flavon glycosides, apine and patulitrin, mucous substances, nicotinic acid, salicylic acid, glycerides of olein, palmitin, stearic and linoleic acid, carotene, vitamin C, mucus and bitter substances.

Storage: Store in tightly closed containers at 5 - 15ºC, without direct exposure to sunlight and other heat sources

Usage: Chamomile oil is known for its therapeutic properties - It has anti-inflammatory characteristics due to the presence of azulene in its composition.

Reduces anxiety and acts as an antidepressant, has relaxing and nerve-relieving properties, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, healing, pain relief properties, stimulates gastric juice, stimulates liver and gallbladder, helps in menopause, is used to soothe allergies, eczema and irritated skin, dermatitis, various types of rashes, acne and other skin problems and removes scars. Used in allergic conditions such as hay fever, used for cold and inhalation inhalation. It can help cure viral infections such as mumps or measles.

Chamomile essential oil used in aromatherapy, massages, perfumery as one of the basic notes in the perfume industry and in cosmetics.

German chamomile essential oil can be combined with geranium, rose, lavender, sage, and others.

Essential oils exhibit strong cytotoxicity against certain prostate, lung and breast cancers. One of these oils is chamomile oil.

Link to post: Essential oil of chamomile kills up to 93 percent of breast cancer cells

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