• ReaSevt /HEALTHY DRINK WITH 100% BULGARIAN NATURAL ROSE WATER/ Favors the normal function of the digestive, urinary, respiratory and nervous system; / Stimulates the function of liver, gall bladder and kidneys; / It helps regulation of the levels of blood sugar; / It has antibacterial activity...
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  • NATURAL COSMETICS / Rose water is a product obtained by steam-water distillation of fresh blossoms of damask rose, the world well known oleaginous rose. Rose water is an excellent toner which will make your skin gentle, glowing and healthy. Its properties are .......
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  • HERBAL TEA MIXTURES / Variety of herbal tea mixtures, packed and labeled in accordance with clent`s requests on "Private label" basis. Packages of 40 gr, 30 gr or 20 gr: crushed or cut or whole, banded in bunches ...
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22 Nov, 2017
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We are looking for DISTRIBUTORS of our products ReaSevt - drink with 100% natural Bulgarian rose water and ReaSevt - carbonated drink with 100% natural Bulgariqn rose water.

Please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are offering for sale:
1. Melissa oil - 500 kg
2. 350 000 pcs. seedling from:
- rosa damascena
- rosa alba
- rosa centifolia
- rosa raduga
3. Lavender oil - 2500 kg
4. Rose oil (rosa damascena) - 150 kg.
5. Rosa alba oil - 30 kg


During the first half of the year 2017 you can see and taste ReaSevt® on the following exhibitions:

XXVI International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA,
International Fair — Plovdiv

48th exhibition STROIKO 2000 ,
National Palace of Culture,Sofia

Exhibition of Bulgarian producers
hall Universiada, Sofia

XXXIII National Exhibition show „Flora BOURGAS“ 2017
Seapark Bourgas

Bulmedica / Buldental
Inter Expo Centre, Sofia

National fair of sheep farmers
Lyaskovets monastery St. Peter and Pawel

Trust the Bulgarian quality
TZUM, Sofia