22 Nov, 2017
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Since 1994 Vesselino Company is one of the leading Bulgarian exporters of a great variety of natural herbs, spices, botanical extracts, floral water and essential oils. We dedicate our work to promote on the international markets the high quality of the original traditional Bulgarian natural products.

Our product list includes more than 150 kinds of herbs – flowers, leafs, seeds, barks, roots, fruits and whole herbs; more than 10 kinds of essential oils and floral water; grain as sunflower seeds – black oil-bearing sunflower, black sunflower for human alimentary purposes, small striped sunflower for bird feeding, canary seeds, mustard seeds, coriander seeds. Last two years we have started to offer complete forms – tea and spices mixtures packed and labeled in accordance with client's requests based on "Private label".


The Bulgarian Rose Valley is the home of the exquisite Bulgarian rose oil and world center for rose oil production. There are over 7000 varieties of roses all over the world, only few are used for essential oil producing. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, cultivated for over 300 years, is the best oil-bearing rose renowned worldwide. Unique climatic and soil conditions make the Rose Valley, also known as the Kazanlak Valley, one of the biggest producers of rose otto in the world. The air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation in May and June contribute to the cultivation of roses that yield very high percentage of oil.

The Rose Valley has also always been the center stage for the colorful age-old Festival of Roses. This traditional festival is a symbol of the rose industry and its influence on the culture, spirit and lifestyle of the Kazanlak Region. The rose festival is celebrated with folk songs and dances at Kazanlak and Karlovo on the first Sunday in June, at the start of the rose harvest in the Valley.


The major priority of our company politics is the modern and resourceful management. The wide vision over the international business based on an extended net of partnerships and representatives in Bulgaria and worldwide guarantees ours clients and customers maximum contentedness of their requirements on each step of our business relations. Nowadays our main goal is to help with the cooperation between herbs producers and owners of oil distilleries and to aid them with their approach to the international markets.

The efficient development and the striving for incessantly improvement of the offered services and products, attended with an incessantly increase of our young team's professional qualification is a guarantee for promptness, quality and proficiency.

Vesselino company works in conditions of certified Quality Management System since 01.09.2005. The QMS is certified and recertified from MOODY INTERNATIONAL regarding the newest edition of ISO 9001 from 2008.


Relieving of Kindergartens


Relieving of the Church and the local hospital by construction of the chapel


Relieving of the local theater and amateur groups;
Relieving of the Choir “Petko Staynov”, Kazanlak by its international appeareance