Peduculate oak Quercus robur L.t

Peduculate Oak is up to 30 m high by the family of the Buku (Fagaceae). The crown is wide-spread, improper, highly developed and dense, through which light penetrates hard. The root system is highly developed, with a central root penetrating a few meters deep into the soil, with highly developed lateral bases encompassing a huge soil mass. The young branches remain smooth, shiny and gray for a long time. After about 20-25 years they become dark gray, deep and cracked. The bark of the older trees is dark gray-brown, of varying thickness, curved in the form of broad pillars. The leaves are up to 20 cm long, naked or with rare hairs. Flowers are same-sex. The fruit is long, with a thin long handle, light brown, with bright longitudinal lines, which subsequently disappear. Light and dry-resistant long-life tree, reaching 300-400 years old. It occurs mainly in the lower parts of the country or in admixture with other deciduous trees relatively rarely throughout the country.

The thin and smooth crust of the young stems and branches (Cortex Guerci) and the jellyfish (Fructus Querci) are used. The barking was February-March, and the jests after the first Austrian frost. The bark grows only on the trees to be cut, or on the cuttings, spring during the juice movement of the plant. When they acquire their distinctive coloring and start to fall out of the trees.

Peduculate Oak is used in medicine as a haemostatic, anti-inflammatory and anti-gingival drug, in small doses for stomach and intestinal catarrh, diarrhea, etc. It is applied externally to skin irritations and wounds, swelling of the skin, swelling and frost, breakage of the skin, bleeding hemorrhoids, sweating of the legs, sore throat and bad breath,

Peduculate Oak wood is widely used for furniture, construction, tapping, and more.

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