Rosehip powder Rosa Canina

Rosehip powder (Rosa canina)

Composition of the rosehip:
Rosehips are rich in natural vitamins such as vitamin. A, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamins B1 and B2, carotene in combination with powerful antioxidants - flavonoids. Rosehips contain 50 times more vitamins. C compared to all citrus fruits. The natural vitamins in it are easily absorbed by the body, cannot be overdosed and have no side effects. In addition, rose hips contain minerals, pectin, sugars (fructose, glucose, sucrose), fruit acids, energetic oils, essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), starch and more.

Rosa canina fruit
Rosa canina“Fructus Cynosbatti sin semeni”
Rosa canina powder 

Dried rosehips
Drying the herb does not change its useful properties and composition. Dried rosehips are easy and convenient to use all year round and do not require special storage methods. Rosehip is suitable for children and adults, pregnant and lactating women, smokers, for use after trauma or infection, in severe physical or mental stress and in hot climates.

Rosehip flour /rosehip powder
Dried rosehips are often used in the form of rosehip flour (powder), which includes the seeds of the fruit, rich in vitamin E and omega fatty acids. To prepare the flour, use well-ripened rose hips, carefully dried and ground to a fine powder. The resulting flour has a characteristic reddish color and a pleasant sour taste. Can be used in combination with other flours.

Benefits of rosehip flour / powder
It has been scientifically proven that the intake of rosehip flour reduces inflammation, protects cartilage and has a beneficial effect on the health of the body.
The omega-3 fatty acids contained in it are effective in inflammatory processes in the body, including the joints, and are beneficial for bone health and immunity. As a natural source of vitamin E, organic selenium, vitamin C and magnesium, rosehip flour is a great antioxidant for muscle recovery.

It improves the work of the liver and kidneys, has a strong diuretic effect and is therefore recommended as an effective adjunct in the treatment of sand and urinary tract stones. Rosehip has a beneficial effect on the entire excretory system: kidneys, gallbladder, bladder. Its antibacterial action has been proven.
Due to its rich content of many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, rosehip flour works naturally to increase the immunity of the human body. The high content of vitamin C together with the other useful ingredients of rose hips creates a unique combination that increases the vitality of the body.

Intake of rosehip flour is recommended in the treatment of beriberi and hypovitaminosis, to strengthen blood vessels, to lower blood sugar levels.
The pectin contained in rose hips has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal and bronchial mucosa as it forms a covering layer on them. Thus, it reduces spasms and the feeling of bloating, stimulates digestion. Therefore, rose hips are recommended in the treatment of ulcers, gastritis, as well as influenza, pneumonia, scarlet fever and cough.

Rosehip intake also helps the circulatory system. The silicon contained in rose hips is important for the health of the walls of blood vessels, the flavonoids in it maintain the health of the capillaries, and vitamin K supports the normal blood clotting. This maintains the health of the cardiovascular system.
Due to its numerous proven benefits, rosehip flour is used not only in medicine but also in cooking, cosmetics and as a food supplement for animals.

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