21 Oct, 2017
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bulk dried medicinal herbs

Leaves | Flowers | Herbs/aerial part | Roots | Seeds | Fruits Bark | Diverse |
Fine-powered | Shredded /crushed leaves only, no sterus
Great variety of Wild-crafted and Cultivated Herbs typical for the rich Balkan peninsula flora.
Strict control on collection and drying techniques, additional processing, packing procedures,
stocking conditions and shelf life, etc
herbs, leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, fruits, powdered herbs, herbs on bulk

aroma products

Essential Oil | Floral water  Concretes | Absolutes|
Bulk Powdered Botanical Extracts
essential oils, floral water, plant ectract, botanical extract, rose water, rose oil
     A number of Standardized and virtually any Total extract from medicinal herbs
and other local or imported plant raw materials. Processing by percolation/maceration with water,
hydroalcoholic or other organic solvents. Spray drier or thin-layer drier powdering.
Quality controls using modern HPLC, MS/GC, spectrophotometrical analytical methods.