Silver birch Betula alba L.

Silver birch the species is of the breed (Betulaceae) and is not protected by the Biological Diversity Act.

Betula alba is like a bush or tree, up to 25 m high. It is distinguished by a smooth, thin white bark. The leaves are diamond-shaped or heart-shaped, pointed at the top. The male inflorescences are long, cylindrical, drooping reeds, and the female - short, erect, cylindrical. Blooms in the spring.

In medicine white barck, folia Betulae, Gemmae Betulae and Cortex Betulae are used.

The leaves are collected in June - September, when fully developed. The buds and bark are collected during the movement of the juice in the plant and before the bursting of the buds in April and May.

The drug of leaves and birch buds is widely used in kidney, gastrointestinal, heart disease, rheumatism, skin diseases. The fresh Silver birch juice is used as a general anchor for anemia, hard healing wounds, etc.

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