Ambros Chenopodium botrys L.

The Ambros or chenopodium botrys is an annual herbaceous plant of the Chenopodiaceae family. The stem is up to 60 cm high, erect, rarely creeping, branched. The leaves are sequential. The flowers are small, gathered in top pyramid grooves, located in the bosoms of the upper leaves and the tops of the stem. The fruit is flattened. The whole plant is covered with glandular hairs and has a pleasant strong smell. The bacon is balsamic. Blooms from July to October.

In Bulgaria, the Ambros can be found on the rocky, sandy and dry places all over the country up to 900 m above sea level.

Herb chenopodium botrys (Herba) are used and harvested in June - September, during the bloom, cut the upper rounded part of the stem about 30 cm from the top.

Contains essential oil, aldehydes and ketones, ascarisol, with strong glutathione effect, incorporated into medicine and veterinary medicine.