Angelica Archagelica Essential oil

Name: Angelica

Botanical name: Angelica Аrchangelica or Angelica Оfficinalis

Used part: seeds

Oil-bearing part of the plant: Angelica Essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of its seeds

Origin: Bulgaria

Appearance: Transparent liquid

Color: clear brown

Aroma: Natural aroma of fresh grass with wood admixture

Content: Alpha-Pinene, Caffeine, Beta Pinene, Sabine, Alpha Feldlanden, Bornylacetate, Beta Feline, Beta Bisaboline, Kopan, Cryptone, Cicloprene, Lemon, Mircene, Pentadecanolide, terpineol and tridecanolide

Method of extraction: Steam distillation

Analytical method: Gas chromatograph

Analytical certificate: Available on request

Storage: Store in tightly closed containers at 5 - 15ºC, without direct exposure to sunlight and other heat sources

Usage: Open airway, has an anti-cough effect and cough-like properties, soothes pain in cold and flu diseases; in gastric pain, against digestive problems and colitis, improves intestinal peristalsis, wiggle, in irregular and painful menstruation, cleansing as a diuretic and thus helps to remove toxins from the body, calming and strengthening the nerves, relaxing effect, acting cleansing of the liver by facilitating its functioning.

Angelica essential oil is used in the liquor industry to produce liqueurs, of which benedictine and charter are better known, also added in gin and vermouth. It is used in confectionery, as a flavor of candy, etc., as well as in the tobacco industry,

 Contra-indications: Pregnancy should also be avoided by diabetics.

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