Frangula alnus (L.) Mill. Alder buckthorn Alder buckthorn is a bush or tree reaching 3 meters high from the Rhamnaceae family with unbearable, dying fliers. The stems of the bush are light brown, without twigs.
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Erlen-Sanddorn 4-5 1,000
Quercus robur L. Peduculate oak
educulate Oak is up to 30 m high by the family of the Buku (Fagaceae). The crown is wide-spread, improper, highly developed and dense, through which light penetrates hard. >> read more
Stieleiche 2 - 5 5,000
Corylus avellana L. Hazel - nut
The plant is of the Leskovi family - Corylaceae It is seen as a tall bush with a height of up to 5 m and less often as a small tree. It is the most common shrub in deciduous forests in Bulgaria.
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Haselnuss 4 - 5 2,000
Salix alba L. White willow
The white willow is a shrub or a 30 m high tree with an irregular stem of the Salicaceae family. Root system is highly developed, with deep central root and lateral branches.
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weiße Weide 4 - 6 10,000
Ftraxinus Ornus Flowerine - ash
Flowerine - ash is a tall shrub or a small tree up to 7-8 m high, with a rounded crown and brown buds. The leaves are opposite, non-mitroped, usually 5-9 petals, pointed and fed.
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Blunente - Asche 3 - 4 5,000

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