Common Name:  Basil 

Latin Name: Ocimum Basilicum 

Other names: Royal herb, Horse basil , Basil 

Description: Basil (Ocimum Basilicum) is an annual herbaceous plant of the Labiatae family. The plant has a pleasant, characteristic aroma. The stem is up to 80 sm tall. The leaves are ovate-oblong, opposite, yellow-green in color, with long stems. There are white, rarely red or pink flowers. It blooms in summer. It is harvested June - August during full flowering. 

Used part of the plant: Leaves (Folia Ocimum Basilicum), Herb (Herba Ocimum basilicum) 

Collection time: Basil is harvested manually twice during the growing season - at the beginning of flowering in June and in mid-September. At the first harvest, 2-3 buds are left to grow new stems. The leaves are harvested in dry and sunny weather, after the dew rises. 

Content and properties: Basil contains essential oil, vitamins - vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C, ocimene, camphorsaponinslinalool and various micro elements – iron, calcium, magnesium , manganese and potassium. Basil essential oil has a soothing, antimicrobial and anti-seizure effect, as well as a pronounced bactericidal effect against a large number of pathogenic microorganisms (staphylococci, coli, typhoid bacteria, etc.). Iron and potassium content in the medicinal plant have a good effect on the cardiovascular system. In combination with vitamin A, they protect blood vessels, facilitate the work of the heart and reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. The vitamins, flavonoids and trace elements in basil determine its antibacterial, antispasmodic and pain-relieving effect. 

Healing action and application: Due to its anti-inflammatory action, basil is used in infectious and chronic conditions of the urinary system and respiratory tract. The antispasmodic action of basil explains its analgesic effect in gallstone disease and spastic colitis. The tea, the extract and the essential oil of basil have a strong antitussive effect on bronchitis. The herb is also used as a painkiller for superficial damage to soft tissues in the mouth, as an anti-nausea and vomiting remedy. 

Opportunities for offering upon specific request of the client: 

Vesselino Ltd. offers their customers the plant in the following varieties: 

Herb (Ocimum Basilicum Herba), Leaf (Ocimum Basilicum Folia) - crushed, cut in particular sizes according to the customer's requirements, in powdering form/flour. 

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