The Bemuda-grass is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Gramineae family. The rhizome is creeping, with long highly developed ground and underground shoots. The stems are basically branched upwards, reaching up to 50 cm long, densely lined. The leaves are thinly tapered, with a very stiff brush. It begins its development in late April and early May. Flowers and fruits from July to September.

In our country there is massive grassland, especially sandy places, along roads and fences, especially as a dangerous weed.

The Rhizoma Graminis italici of the shrimp is used. Beer is in April-May or August-October. Ropes are dug in early spring at the start of the race or in the second half of summer to autumn, when the aerial parts stop their development and start to yellow and dry.

It is used in folk medicine as a urinary and softening agent

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