The Betony / betonica officinalis is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Labiatae family. The stem is up to 60 cm high. upright, quadruped, only in its upper part is sometimes branched. The leaves are opposite, jagged. The basal leaves are mossy with long handles. Stalk leaves are only 2 pairs. The colors of betonica officinalis are pinkish red. The whole plant is more or less hairy. Blooms in June - September. The fresh plant has a strong, characteristic smell, and the taste is hot.

In Bulgaria we meet in the grassy places and the bushes all over the country.

The stalks (Herba Betonicae) of betonica officinalis are used. Time for picking: June - September. Cut the top of the plant at a distance of 20-25 cm from the top during flowering. The ground leaves are poured and added to the stalks. The smell is weak, unpleasant, and the taste is bitter.

It is used in medicine against diarrhea, stomach colic and respiratory catarrh, and also as a nervous sedative. It is used externally to impose purulent wounds, swelling of rheumatism, etc.

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