Bindweed (cornbine) Convolvulus arvensis L.


Bindweed (cornbine) is a perennial herbaceous plant, of the family Convolvulaceae, creeping and climbing. The root is long, penetrating deep into the soil. The stem is thin, winding or creeping, reaching up to 1 m in length. The leaves are heart-shaped, consecutive, lying on long handles. The stem and leaves are slightly fibrous and bare. Flowers are large, pink, rare white, sometimes with pink thread. Blooms in May-August.

In our country it is like a weed and storm in the rocky and grassy places, along the roads and the fences.

The herb (Herba Convolvulae arvensis) of Bindweed is used. Picking up is June to August, collecting the bushes of the plant during the flowering.

It is used in medicine as a laxative agent for constipation because of the convolvolin-containing substance.