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Vesselino company is one of the leading suppliers, exporters, and wholesalers of Botanical extracts in Bulk.

Botanical extracts (plant extracts, herbal extracts) are used in pharmacy as an ingredient of medicaments or as a component of nutritional supplements and in cosmetics.

We offer several extracts by Extraction: glycol extracts, concentrated glycol extracts, dry extracts, liquid extracts etc.

The company produces botanical extracts with the composition and qualities declared by the customer. It is also possible to produce extracts with materials supplied by the client.
Prices, quantities, and dates of delivery are discussed when the customer has approved the samples of the corresponding products given in advance.



The below products are registered in Bulgaria. Their analytical characteristics are determined from the indices, the standards, and the analytical methods included in the Company specification, which are enough for the full characterization of the final products. The products are in high demand in the Bulgarian and international markets.

Glycol / Glycerin botanical extracts

They are produced through a process of extraction with Propylenglycol and Glycerin. They are used in the cosmetics industry.


Concentrated glycol/glycerin extracts:

These extracts are produced only when ordered by the customer. They are used in the production of cosmetic products.


Oil extracts

These extracts are produced when the customer has declared the requirements for the final product. They are used in the cosmetic products






Liquid extracts

They are used in the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of medicaments. When the customer has declared the requirements for the final product, we can produce liquid extracts as:


Spissated extracts






Dry / Powdered extracts

They are used in food supplements and in the manufacture of cosmetic products. These extracts are produced when the customer has declared the requirements for the final product.



Latin Name English Name LActive Ingredients Intended Use
Achillea mellifollium Yarrow Bitters - 3% Alkaloids - 0.5% Tonic, Stimulant
Aesculus hippocastanium Horse Chestnut N/A Anti inflammatory
Anethum Fructus Dill seed Vol. Oil - 5% Carminative
Calendula officinalis Marigold Xanthophyllins Lutein 5% Mascular Degeneration
Carum carvi Caraway Volatile Oil > 5% N/A
Coriandrum sativum Coriander Vol. Matters - 1% Carminative
Euphrasia Officinalis, Herba Eyebright 10 -p-cumaroylaucubin, 0.04%  
Fumaria officinalis Common Fumitory Bitters 1.5% Diuretic, Antithelmintic
Hypericum peroratum St. John’s wort Hypercin - 0.3% Anti-deressant, Improve mood
Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop Sugars-20% N/A
Juglans regia Walnut Tannins - 12% Astringent, Antiseptic
Matricaria chamomilla Chamomile Vol. Oil 1% Antiseptic
Mentha Pipperita Mentha Flavones 2% Carminative, Stimulant
Ocimum basilicum Sweet basil Tannins - 5% Vol. Oil - 1.5% Antimicrobial Stimulant, appetite & Digestion, diuretic, arthritis Aphrodisiac
Passiflora incarnata Passionflower Flavors Sleeplessness Mild sedative
Pimpinella anisum Ani seed Volatile Oil (2.6%) Cold/ Cough / Fevers/ Bronchitis Mouth & pharynx Inflammation Appetite loss
Quercus Robus Oak Tannic acid 60% Astringent
Rosa Canina Dogerose    
Rosa damascena Pink Rose Tannins - 5% N/A
Ruta graveloens Rue Glycosides - 8% N/A
Salix Alba Willow    
Sideritis Scardica Mursalski tea    
Tribulus Terrestris Puncture Vine Saponins min. 15 % Increase power & strength Spermatog enic. Ovogenesis, Anabolic effect
Valeriana Officinalis Valerian Valeric acid 0.8% Sedative, Fight insommina, stress & anxiety
Artemisia annua Artemisia annua   N/A
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