Wild succory (chicory) is a two-year or perennial herbaceous plant of the Compositae family. The root is a fleshy, cylindrical-spindle. The stem is tough, upright, bare, up to 1 m high, slightly branched, covered, and short-lipped. All parts of the plant contain milk juice. Blooms from June to October.

In our country we meet in dry grassy places, near roads, trenches, fields and meadows. Stocks are significant. However, roots of a crop plant (root crops) are preferred, which are more fleshy and larger and are grown as a two-year plant. Cultural chicory loves moderately humid climate and deep soils. Propagated by seeds sown in mid-April in rows at a distance of 30 cm and about 1 cm deep.

Roots are used (Radix Cichorii). Berat is August - October, only the roots of the well-grown plants are picked. Digging is done by the end of the summer or in autumn when the plant's upper parts begin to wither.

The blue bile contains inulin, tannins, fructose, pentosans and traces of essential oil.

It is used in medicine as a means of increasing appetite, such as urinary tract, in liver and bile sufferers. External paws for boils and edema are applied. The roots of chicory are added to the natural coffee to improve its taste. It is also used in the confectionery industry.

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