Common Bean Crust “Cortex fructus phaseoli”

Common Bean Crust

Common Bean Crust are a one-year-old herbaceous plant of the Leguminosae family. Root system is well developed. The plants have tubers that develop bacteria that have the ability to absorb nitrogen from the air. Stem is up to 60 cm high, strongly branched, green. Colors are harvested in a small number of bunches, usually later than the leaves. The fruit is an elongated pepper (bean) which is two-sided and, when dried, is split into the seam joint portion. The seeds are very diverse in size, shape and color depending on the variety. It blooms in the summer, and the fruits ripen until autumn.

It is cultivated in the whole country. The legumes (Cortex fructus phaseoli) are used. Bere August - October. They berat at full maturation.

Legumes are used in medicine for diabetes, kidney inflammation, cystitis, fluid retention, rheumatism, spasm, disorder, swelling. It is believed that the antidiabetic action is due to arginine and soluble silicic acid. Dried dried pods are sown in the diseased areas of the skin (fresh burns, eczema and wounds).

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