Common fumitory Fumaria officinalis L.*

Common fumitory is a small annual, tender herbaceous plant of the Papaveraceae family.

The stem is nude, strongly branched, traceable, with a waxy batter. The leaves are double-sliced. The flowers are purple-red, gathered at the top of the trunk and its branches in thick clusters of grape.

The fruit is a little spiny, single-breed, with a hollow and a little concave nut on the top. Blooms at the ends of spring and early summer. The whole plant has a bitter taste.

They are found in the grassy places, being planted as a weed, the untreated areas up to 1000 m above sea level.

Herbs (Herba Fumariae) of Common fumitory is used. Gathering May - July, cutting the top of the plant.

In medicine, it is used as an antispasmodic agent in liver and bile diseases under the control of a physician. In large doses it is poisonous. It is applied externally to skin rashes and hemorrhoids.