Common horsetail Equisetum arvense L.


Common horsetail, полски хвощ

Horsetail is a perennial spore plant of the Equisentaceae family. The rootstock is brownish, strongly branched, sliced, with thin roots and black tubers. Every year there are two types of stalks growing up: sporadic - spring, brown and summer, green. For medical purposes, the useless summer stems are used. They are up to 50 cm tall, green, striped. Branches are upright and usually branched again. Both the stem and its branches are rigid, rough and tough.

In Bulgaria, the Horsetail is found in wetlands, meadows, fields up to 2000 m above sea level.

Use the indisputable summer stem along with the branches (Herba Equiseti). Picking up is June to August, gathering the entire ground plane of the stem (seline), cut at a distance not more than 20 cm from the top. The taste is low-boiling, bluish.

It is used in medicine as a diuretic or as a haemorrhagic agent.