Common Mallow is an annual (up to perennial) herbaceous plant of the Slazov family (Malvacea), up to 80 cm high. It occurs in weedy places, ruins, trenches, roads and grassy places.

Stems are upright, upward, branched, or lying. The flowers are large, with pink-red petals. Blooms in the summer. The leaves are long, rounded, heart-shaped at the base.

In medicine, the foliage (Folia Malvae) and the flowers (Flores Malvae) harvested during flowering are used in medicine. The leaves are cut off with short handles, and the colors are without handles. They berate from June to August.

They are high in purity, tannins, and carotene and are used for their anti-inflammatory, softening effect in bronchial cough, loss of voice, inflamed tonsils etc.

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