Sunflower is a one-year-old plant of the Sognozhgate family. The corneal system is highly developed. The stem is up to 3 m high, stiff, slightly tilted, covered with solid bristles and a white plump heart. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, with a sharp tip and long handles, covered with stiff bristles. Inflorescence is a large and flat basket (pita) with a diameter of up to 40 cm, located at the top of the stem. The periphery of the basket is covered by pagan colors. They are large, orange-yellow, unfruitful. The fruit is a seed with a stiff pepper. Blooms in the summer.

The leaves (Folia Helianthi), the peripheral pagan flowers (Flores Helianthi) and the seed (Semen Helianthi) are used.

Leaves and blossoms are harvested in June - August, and the seed they reach maturity. Leaves are harvested in the initial period of flowering of the plant. The blossoms are picked when fully blossomed.

Sunflower is our main oil crop.

Folk medicine is used in donkey cough. Blossoms and leaves are used against malaria and to improve appetite for gastrointestinal colic.

The fatty oil obtained from the seed is used in pharmacy for various ointments and in veterinary medicine as a laxative.

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