Coriander is an annual herbaceous plant of the family Umbelliferae (Umbelliferae). The root is spindle-shaped, with many thin branches. The stem is erect, bare, slightly curved, at the upper part branched, up to 1 m high. The leaves are polymorphic, complex. Colors are white, rarely pink, collected in shades. The beasts are spherical. Each fruit consists of 2 seeds, which after ripening almost do not separate. While green, the fruit has an unpleasant smell, like the scent of a bug. After their ripening, their smell becomes pleasant. Blooms in June - July.

In our country the coriander is wild on the crops like a weed, but it is not used for commercial purposes, only the cultivated is used.

Use the fruit (Fructus Coriandri). Picking si July - August. The beasts are harvested shortly before their full maturation, when they are already fully developed, and some of them 2/3 are in their waxy maturity.

In medicine, coriander is used as a gas-stimulating, appetite-stimulating and digestive-improving medicine. It is used to improve the taste of some medicines.

The largest application is the sweet, canning, culinary, bakery, food, brewing, perfume and liqueur industries.

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