Cornflower (Bachelor’ buttons) is a one-year or two-year-old beautiful herbaceous plant. The root is vertical with multiple branches. The stem is up to 60 cm high, upright, fibrous, ruddy and at its upper part branched. The leaves are consistent, almost green. The baskets are about 3 cm in diameter in dark, sky-blue colors. Blooms in May-September.

In Bulgaria it occurs as a weed in the wheat, on grassy and rocky places. Propagated by seeds. Stones and flower baskets (Herba at Flores Cyani) are used. The stems are harvested July - August, and the colored baskets are June - August. For the stalks, the whole grounded part of the plant is cut off during flowering. From the flower baskets are picked or only the peripheral pagan blossoms or the whole colored basket during the full blossoming. First cut off the entire ground plane and then tear off the flowers.

It is used in medicine as a urinary tract, and the soap industry uses butter from the fruit. The colors are painted wool and cotton in blue color. In larger doses is poisonous!

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