Cott Colt’s foot is a perennial herbaceous plant of Compositae. The rootstock is thin, long, branched and crawling. Early in the spring, the rhizome grows single or several above-ground stems up to 25 cm high. The flowers are golden-yellow. The fully developed leaves are top green and naked. Blooms in early spring from February to March.

In our country we meet in the damp and friable places, screeching, on the trenches, along the banks of the rivers, the streams and the wet fields, mainly in sandy clay soils.

The leaves (Folia Farfarae) and the flower baskets (Flores Farfarae) are used. The flowers are picked in March-April and the leaves are May-August. There are a few harvests in one season. The flower baskets are picked at their full blossoming.

In medicine, it is used as a softening and expectorant for inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, in the voice of the mouth, bronchial catarrh, asthma, pulmonary inflammation, lack of appetite, etc.

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