Cowslip (paigle, primrose) is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Primalaceae family. The rootstock is fleshy, rough, unbroken. Roots are numerous, long, light brown. The flowering stem is leafy, covered with rare hairs coming out of the middle of the leaf rosette. The leaves are gathered in a rosette, large and rough, jagged. The flowers are large, up to 2 cm golden-yellow, collected in a canopy inflorescence. It blooms in March-May, and in the mountains and later.

In Bulgaria, the Cowslip meets all mountainous and mountainous areas in the country, up to 3000 m above sea level, especially in sunny meadows, bushes, along forests, etc.

Flowers (Flores Primulae)root roots (Radix Primulae) and leaves (Folia Primulae) are used.

Leaves are picked in March-May in fresh state, flowers without flower stem (with or without cups) in March-June, and roots with roots before flowering on or after seed maturation in May-June.

In folk medicine, flowers are used in neurosis and insomnia. Flowers and leaves are also used in the liqueur industry.

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