The dropwort is the perennial herbaceous plant of the Rosaceae family. The rhizome is creeping with many roots. The stem is up to 2 m high, in the lower part it is woody and in the upper part it is branched. The flowers are white or yellowish, small, numerous, with a pleasant smell, gathered with bellows on the top of the stem. The fruit is composed of many nuts. Blooms in the summer.

In Bulgaria dropwort is found on wet meadows, along mountain springs, streams, marshes, etc. up to 2000 m above sea level.

The rhizome (Rhizoma Spiraeae) and the stalks (Herba Spiraeae) are used.

Picking up August - October. The stems of Dropwort are picked at the beginning of the flowering of the plant. Ropes are dug together with the roots in autumn after ripening the fruit and the ground parts of the plant begin to wither. They contain a significant amount of tanning substances.

They are used in medicine for stomach and intestine pains, such as cataract and urinary tract. It is also used for lubrication in rheumatism and skin rashes.

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