Field poppy (corn poppy) Papaver rhoeas L.


Field poppy is an annual herbaceous plant of the Papaveraceae family. Stem is up to 80 cm high, straight, straight or branched, more or less fiber. Leaves are leaning, elliptical, jagged with or without arbor, blue-green, yellow-green or gray-green. Its flowers are large, single, located at the top of the pillars or branches. The flower buds are ovate-elliptical. almost naked or unfolded-fibrous. Petals are 4, large, almost round, waste, usually slightly red, rarely white, pink or violet, often with a black spot at its base. Fruits are relatively large, round or back ovate. The seeds are about 7 mm thick. long. kidney, puffy and dark brown. blooms in May - August. The fruits ripen in June - October.

In Bulgaria the poppy poppy occurs as a weed, stormy in the fields, in the plains and foothills up to 1000 m above sea level.

The petal is used. (Flores Roheados). Beer is May-July, only the fully-developed venetian bush of the plant. Contains mineral salts rich in iron and magnesium, organic acids, mecocyanin.

The herb is used in medicine to soothe pain and softener in a syrup cough. It also applies to diarrhea and unintentional spraying. It is used in wine making because of its red pigment substance.

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