Aesculus hippocastanum Horse-chestnut
Horse-chestnut chestnut is a relatively high beautiful tree with a powerful root system. The crown is densely rounded, rounded, sometimes conical.
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Gemeine Rosskastanie 8 - 9 90,000
Anethum graveolens** Common dill
Common Dill is an annual herbaceous plant, the family Umbelliferae (Umbelliferae). The root is spindle-shaped, deeply penetrating into the soil, slightly branched
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Gartendill (Dill) 7 - 8 5,000
Carum carvi L.** Caraway
Caraway is a two-year herbaceous plant of the family Umbelliferae (Umbelliferae). The root is lean or spindly with numerous thin branches.
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Echter Kümmel 7 - 8 1,000
Cornus mas L. Cornelian cherry
Cornelian cherry is a shrub or kite, strongly branched up to 7 m high tree. The root system is highly developed. The stem has a yellowish-gray crust separating the tiles.
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Kornelkirsche 7 - 9 1,000
Coriandrum sativum L.** Coriander
Coriander is an annual herbaceous plant of the family Umbelliferae (Umbelliferae). The root is spindle-shaped, with many thin branches.
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Koriander 7 - 8 90,000
Juniperus communis Common Juniper
Common Juniper is a bush, and under favorable conditions it can be up to 12. a high tree with an irregular, less commonly conical crown.
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Gemeiner Wacholder 8 – 11 5,000
Grataegus Laevigatus Hawthorn
Hawthorn is a thorny shrub of the Genus Rosaceae tall up to 3-4 m. Its stem has a smooth gray crust and is covered with prickly spines. The leaves are consecutive, usually with 3-7 deep cuts..
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Weissdorn 8 - 10 50,000
Foeniculum vulgare Mill. (Foeniculum officinale L.)** Fennel
Fennel is a one-year or perennial herbaceous plant of the family Umbelliferae (Umbelliferae). One year old plants have a long, slightly branched root, and the stem reaches a height of 1 m.
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Fenchel 7 - 8 10,000
Paliurus spina-christii Christ’s thorn
Christ’s thorn is a highly branched, highly prickly, to 3 m tall weed species of the Rhamnaceae family. The young branches are slim fibrous and subsequently become nude, reddish.
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Christusdorn 7 - 9 1,000
Pimpinella anisum L. ** Anise
Anise is an annual herbaceous plant of the family Umbelliferae (Umbelliferae). The root is spiny, slightly branched, reaching up to 60 cm in the soil.
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Anis 8 5,000
Prunus spinosa L. Blackhorn (Sloe)
The Blackhorn is a prickly, highly branched, up to 3 m tall bush of the Rosaceae family. Each twig is almost horizontal and ends with a sharp thorn.
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Schwarzdorn (Schleche) 7 - 8 10,000
Rosa canina L. Dog Rose
The Dog Rose is a genus of wild shrubs widely distributed in the Rosaceae family. They are up to 7 m tall, usually with arched twigs and roots cuttings, all of them provided with numerous.
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Hunds-Rose 8 - 11 90,000
Sambucus ebulus L. Danewort (dwarf-elder)
The Danewort is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Caprifoliaceae family. The central root is highly developed, large, thick, and lateral rhizomes come out of his neck.
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Zwerg-Holunder (Attich) 6 - 8 90,000
Sambucus nigra L. Elder
The elder is a large bush or tree of the family Caprifoliaceae. The root system is highly developed, penetrating deep into the soil. The stems are up to 10 m tall, with expanded branches
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Schwarzer Holunder 6 - 8 1,000
Sorbus aucuparia L. Rowan mountain ash
Rowan mountain ash is up to 16 m high, fast-growing Rosaceae tree. Root system is highly developed, with abundant root cuttings. The stem is a shiny.
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Vogelbeere (Eberesche) 7 - 9 1,000

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