Goat’s rue (French lilac) Galega officinalis L.t

The Goat’s rue is a perennial large herbaceous plant of the leguminosae family. The rhizome is short, multi-headed with multiple rootstocks. The stem is picking up, smooth, up to 1 m high. The leaves are consecutive, lanceolate or elliptical with one spike on their tops. The flowers are in colorful leaflets, pale blue, pale-white, whitish to white, gathered in grape-seeded inflorescences. The fruit is a linear bean with barely noticeable creeps with lots of seeds. Blooms in June - August.

He meets us in wet places, along rivers, forests and shrubs.

Herba Galegae stalks are used. Picking in June to August, cutting the top shoots no longer than 20 cm during flowering, one with leaves and flowers.

In medicine, it is used as a urinary, lactoconstricted and sedative agent for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, especially in mild forms.