Geum urbanum / Herb Bennet is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Rosaceae family. The rhizome is quite well-developed, conical, usually multi-colored, dark red with many births. The stem is thin, upright, facial, slightly branched up to 1m. The upper part of the leaves is larger. The stem leaves are consecutive, seated, unevenly jagged. The flowers are pale yellow, relatively small, on long stems extending from the bosom of the leaves at the top of the stem. Blooms in the summer.

In our country Geum urbanum meet the bushes in the more rare forests, in the dung, near the dwellings, somewhere like a weed.

Rhizoma and Herba are used for the enchanting. Above ground is picked July-September, and rhizomes in March-April. Ropes along with the pitches are dug in the early spring when planting begins. In the dry state it has a slight caramelous smell and a strong tart taste.

In medicine, healing is used as a gripper for gastrointestinal disorders, hepatic and biliary disorders and hemorrhoids as a strengthening agent.

It is used in the liqueur, preservative and food industry.

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