Ivy Hedera helix L.

Ivy, hedera-helix



The ivy, hedera-helix is an evergreen shrub of the family Araliaceae with a creeping or bumpy stem, up to 20 m long, branched with air roots that serve as anchor.

The leaves are primrose, with stems, consecutive, bare, glossy, skinny, long from 3 to 15 with the colorful branches of egg-shaped or elliptic, and on the vegetative stems 3-5-diamond c-triangular whole-ends, top dark green, bottom lighter. The leaves of the handles, consecutive, 3-5-sided or whole, fruity, glossy, naked.

The blossoms are visible in clusters, the flowers are bipolar, greenish yellow. Blooms from August to October, the fruits ripen until next summer. Spread across the country to 1800 m above sea level.

In medicine are used Folia Hederae helicis leaf ivy leaves. The leaves contain saponin glycosides, carotene, vit. E, chlorogenic acid, tanning agents, formic acid and malic acid, pectin, resins, mineral salts, organically bound iodine. Leaf extract has anti-inflammatory, expectorant and secretory activity.

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