Lovage Essential oil

Bulgarian name: Devisil

English name: Lovage

Botanical name: Levisticum Officinalis

Used part: Above ground and underground part of the plant

Oil-bearing part of the plant: root and leaves

Origin: Bulgaria

Appearance: Transparent liquid

Color: Light blue

Depending on whether the roots are fresh or dried at the time of distillation, the butter from a dish can be different in color.

Aroma: Strong as a celery, a waiter

It is quite thick and has a strong floral aroma with a slight bitter note that is reminiscent of celery. Unlike the butter of royal jelly, the oil extracted from the leaves is quite rare and has a warm fresh sweet and spicy flavor.

Ingredients: The essential oil of the leaves of the aphids contains: alpha-terpinyl acetate, cis-lugustylides and trans-lugustylides, alpha-feldrin and alpha-terpineol, the butter from the root of the depression contains bitulidine, dehydrobutylydine, butylphthalide, lugstilide, sesquianolide and other phthalides . Contains terpenoids and coumarins. Rich in B-complex vitamins and vitamin C.

Method of extraction: Steam distillation

Analytical method: Gas chromatograph

Analytical certificate: Available on request

Storage: Store in tightly closed containers at 5 - 15ºC, without direct exposure to sunlight and other heat sources

Benefits: Strengthens bile secretion, stimulates digestion, acts diuretically and has urinary and gingival action, calming, used to regulate menstruation, nerve exhaustion, seizures, hysteria, inflammation of the intestine, colic, renal failure and anemia.

Usage: This is a product with a huge application in medicine in the treatment of digestive, excretory and sexual problems.

Essential oil derived from a root mainly from root is widely applied in cosmetics to remove skin problems such as pigment spots, acne, purulent wounds. Perfumery uses mainly the oil extracted from the leaves and stems of the apple, as a component for flavoring soaps, cosmetics and perfumes. In cooking using as a flavor enhancer of liqueurs, soft drinks and various other foods

It is used for: sexual disorders in both man and woman, physical and mental fatigue, lack of menstruation, inflammation of the intestine, nervous exhaustion, seizures, hysteria, kidney failure and anemia.

Lovage oil combines pretty well with essential oils of bay leaf, lavender and rose.

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