Lung-wort Pulmonaria officinalis L.*



Pulmonaria / Lung-wort is a perennial early spring herbaceous plant (Boraginaceae). Up to 40 cm upright, branched usually at the top. The leaves are consistent, smaller, rough on both sides. The flowers are quite long, hanging and hanging on top of the stem. Blooms in March - June. In Bulgaria it is found among the bushes and wet deciduous forests.

The leaves (Folia Pulomonariae) and the flowering overhead part (Herba Pulomnariae) are used.

Picking is blossoming. It contains significant amounts of mucus, allantoin, saponin, carotene and Vit. C.

In medicine, it is used as a cough-free, softening, anti-inflammatory and urinary agent as well as a bleeding factor.

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