Maize Corn silk Zea majus "Stigmata maidesu"

Corn silk (Stigmata Mayjus) is called the long filamentous stigma of the female corn color.

Picking August-October, cut off with a scissors or a bamboo knife and cleaned immediately by accidental impurities. This happens in the maturing period of maize grains, as picking starts from their milk maturity. The length of corn hair is between 10 and 20 cm, and has a slight smell and sweet taste.

The maize hair contains fat, essential oil, glycosides and bitter substances, resins, tannins, dyes, flavonoids, carbolic acid, potassium salt, chordenine, allantoin, vitamins C and others.

In medicine, it is used as a urinary, haemorrhagic and diuretic agent in sand and kidney stones. There is also a means of increasing bile secretion and as anti-tapeworm, gout and rheumatism.