The chamomile ( Matricaria chamomilla) is an annual herbaceous plant of the Sloch-colored family. The root is thin branched, light brown. The stem is high up to 50 cm, strongly tilted at the top. The leaves are followers, double to triple-sliced. The colorful baskets are made on the periphery of white tongues, and on the inside of yellow trumpet flowers. The fruit is small, ribbed with thin ribs on the inside. The whole plant, and especially the colored baskets, have a strong characteristic pleasant smell and a bitter bitter taste.

It meets in Bulgaria in the meadows, pastures, around the settlements and along the roads.

Use the flower baskets (Flores Chamomilae). Picking May - July. Colored heads without stems are collected during the time of their full blossoming. Then the herb contains the largest amounts of active substances. Dry immediately after picking and cleaning in dry and ventilated rooms. The dried herb and pleasant smell, characteristic, and the taste is slightly bitter.

The essential oil of chamomilla contains chamazulene about 10%. In the various regions of the country, the content of chamazulene is different or absent. The highest content of essential oil and azulene in the herb is in the middle of its blossoming. The oil of different parts of the chamomile does not show any differences. In addition, the chamomilla also contains bitter substances, apine that easily degrades apigenin, glucose and apiosis. Apepenin acts antispasmodic.

In medicine, it is used in stomach colic, gas and antispasmodic remedy, insomnia, headache, hysteria, cystitis, colitis, gastritis and has beneficial effects on kidney stones and bladder, etc. External chamomilla is used as an anti-inflammatory agent due to the content of hemazulene, toothache, gargle. It is also widely used in the cosmetics industry to maintain the freshness of the skin, the liqueur and perfumery industry. Favorite folk insecticide.

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