Peppermint Essential oil

Peppermint essential oil

масло от мента, peppermint oil

Bulgarian name: Mint

English name: Peppermint

Botanical name: Mentha Piperita

Used part: the upper part of the plant, the leaves

Oil-bearing part of the plant: leaves

Appearance: Transparent liquid

Color: Pale yellow

Aroma: fresh, characteristic peppermint aroma

Origin: Bulgaria

Method of extraction: steam distillation

Analytical method: Gas chromatograph

Analytical certificate: Available on request

Storage: Store in tightly closed containers at 5 - 15ºC, without direct exposure to sunlight and other heat sources

Ingredients: Menthol - it is also a component of many cardiovascular medications, menton, thymol, 1,8-cinnol, methyl acetate, methofuran, isometthon, lemon, terpinene, b-pinene, a-pinene, germicide, trans- and Pulagon.

Peppermint massage works very well for menstrual cycle disorders.

The mint pad is equipped with an anti-malware, anti-malware, and antispyware action.

In small doses, peppermint oil increases appetite, acts well for vomiting, removes cramps in stomach, intestine, and bile ducts, exhausts gases in flatulence. The gallbladder acts gallbladder and painkiller.

A useful antibacterial agent featuring a number of bacteria such as E. salt, Ѕtarhullosorsurf auréuѕ, Ѕ. rurögеnеѕ, В. ѕubtіlіѕ, Рроtеuѕ vіlgаrіѕ.

Peppermint oil is also an ecological insecticide against axes, ants and cockroaches.

Peppermint oil blends well with other essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, oregano, lemon and rosemary.

Contraindications: If you are allergic to this herb, avoid inhalation of peppermint oil. It can also cause licking and licking, so it's time to look at the eyes. Doing so has been avoided by the use of bipharmacy and childbirth under 7 years of inactivity.

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