Milk Vetch is a perennial plant of the Astragalus Glycyphyllus L. family. The root is vertical, penetrating deep into the soil. The stem is bare or almost naked. Leaves are non-hippoptera, with foliage. The flowers are up to 12 mm long, collected in grapes. The whole plant has a characteristic smell and the taste is hot. Blooms June - September.

In Bulgaria, Milk Vetch is found in the bushes, rocky places and forest meadows, mainly in the foothills and mountain areas.

The young rounded twigs (Herba Astragali glycyphylli) are used. Picking up July - August. The young branches are cut during the formation of the fruit about 30 cm from the top. Do not pick thick stalks or uncovered spikes.

Contains glycyrrhizin in roots, mannit, dextrose, sugars, proteins.

In medicine, it eagle claws are used in inflammation, pain and swelling in the stomach and intestines, to increase the milk of nursing mothers in a sciatica against blood

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