Ramsons Allium ursinum L.

        ramsons - Allium ursinum L.

Ramsons is perennial, bulbous plant of the Cream - Liliaceae, also known as wild garlic and wild onion and has a specific scent of garlic.

He meets us in the wet forest meadows of the mountain forests, usually over 1000 m above sea level. Its flowering is from April to June.

The stalks and bulbs are used. The stalks being picked during flowering in April-June. The bulbs are dug in the beginning, before flowering in April-May.

Ramsons contains essential oil and a large amount of vit. C, especially in the leaves.

In medicine Allium ursinum L., the whole plant is used in the prevention of influenza, gastrointestinal disorders, spasms, diarrhea, blood cleansing and blood pressure.

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