Rose water for drinking ReaSevt ® 

The natural rose water for drinking ReaSevt ® is the cheapest option, which enables everyone to experience the real aroma and taste of precious Bulgarian rose oil.

ReaSevt®  details



Chronic fatigue, stress, viruses, bacteria, tumors, drugs, toxins, stimulants, antidepressants, pollution, poisonous food - wherever we go ?! Everyone is looking for salvation - in balance, purity, and nature.


 ReaSevt® is an escape from stress with every sip. A drink with natural sweetness, balanced flavor, freshness, and the purity of nature. It will bestow you with ease, bring your balance back, and improve your condition and self-esteem. Every sip of this elixir is a step towards balance, purity, and health.

 ReaSevt® is a product derived from the mother of all medicinal plants – Bulgarian oleaginous Rosa Damascena. The tender and delicate flower has gathered nutrients in our land for  300 years. It is no accident that the Bulgarian rose oil and Bulgarian rose water are of the highest quality in the world.

Our technology gives life to a unique drink. It was recognized by the Food Industry Union in 2015, and from Bulgarian Academy of Science together with Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce in 2016 for innovation.

 ReaSevt® is well known as the body most easily absorbs the water-soluble ingredients. It includes more than 50 of the water-soluble ingredients of the rose extract. ReaSevt® is a registered brand of Vesselino Ltd.

The specific production methods allow keeping the purity and genuineness of the product -  synthetic additives free, E-s free, preservatives free, sweeteners free, colorings free, sugar-free, enzymes free. Our definition of ReaSevt® is 100% Natural Bulgarian Drinking Rose Water




It is appropriate for all ages:

- people who do physical or mental activities under stressful or unfavorable conditions;

- people exposed to highly polluted air in urban environments;

- students;

- people with dynamic lifestyles;

- athletes;

- people suffering from chronic diseases;

- people pulled through severe infectious diseases and influenza

- people passed through chemotherapy


What healthy effects would you receive becoming a friend of our  rose water for drinкing ReaSevt ®  

- Helps the decomposition of glucose in the blood;

- Has antibacterial effect;

- Regulates the acidity in the gastrointestinal tract;

- Improves the function of the liver, gallbladder and the kidneys;

- Prevents the formation of stones in the kidney;

- Hydrates

- Speeds up metabolism

- Helps you get rid of the toxins from your body;

- Helps stress management

- Improves the self-esteem;

- Has an effect of a gentle aphrodisiac;

- Brings back the fresh and youthful look of the skin;

- Refreshes your breath and the whole mouth;

- Helps bleeding gums.

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