Roman Chamomile Chamaemelum nobile, Anthemis nobilis

Common name: Roman Chamomile

Latin name: Chamaemelum nobile, Anthemis nobilis

Other names: Noble chamomile, English chamomile

Description: Roman chamomile is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family. The herb is about 25-30 cm. tall, with prostrate shoots and fragrant, dark green pinnate leaves. The stem is covered with hairs. The flowers of the medicinal plant are large, white, with dense petals, forming a lush basket with a rich yellow center. Roman chamomile is an evergreen cold-resistant plant that blooms in May with a pleasant fruity smell.

Part of the herb used: Flowers of the plant (Flores Chamaemelum)

Harvest time: Roman chamomile flowers are harvested from June to August in stages. Optimal harvest maturity is when the white corolla of the flower is only half open. The collected flowers are dried in ventilated rooms. The valuable Roman chamomile essential oil is extracted from them by steam distillation.

Chemical composition/Contents and properties: essential oil, sesquiterpene lactones, a-bisabilol, flavonoidsterpinenetannins, aliphatic esters, monoterpenols, ketonesorganic acids, sugars, etc.

Medicinal action and application: The herb has a sedative, antibacterial, antimicrobial and soothing effect due to the essential oil content. Its calming properties work well for stress, depression and anxiety. The essential oil of the plant has a high ester content and this makes it gentle and kind to the skin. Therefore, it is suitable for babies and small children with nervousness, irritability, hyperactivity, teething, earaches and colic. The medicinal plant also has an anti-inflammatory effect and is used for various inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract, for swelling, spasms, skin infections, inflammatory processes on the mucous membrane, gynecological and renal inflammations, menstrual pains, ailments during menopause, inflammations of the respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal and other systems. The anti-allergic properties of  Roman chamomile are used for asthma, hay fever and allergies of various origins.

Possibilities to offer at the customer's request:

Vesselino Ltd. offers their customers the plant in the following varieties:

• Flowers (Flores Chamaemelum) - dried whole, crushed, cut to a certain size according to the customer's request, ground into herbal powder/flour

• Roman chamomile essential oil

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