Rowan mountain ash is up to 16 m high, fast-growing Rosaceae tree. Root system is highly developed, with abundant root cuttings. The stem is a shiny, thin, smooth, greyish-green crust. The crown is rounded, relatively rare. The wood is hard, reddish. The young twigs are hairy with lots of lentils. The leaves are non-fluffy, with 9-17 oblong-laced leaves. The young leaves are covered with tricks. The flowers are white, aromatic, collected in cruciate thyroid inflorescences. Fruits are orange-black or yellow-orange, spherical or elliptical, turbid and tart. The fleshy part of the fruit is yellow in color. It blooms in May - June, along with the trip. The fruits ripen in September - October, but remain on the tree until December. The plant begins to produce fruit at its age 7 years annually.

It is found on the open grounds in broad-leaved and coniferous rocks, rocky and rocky places. It lives up to 150-200 years. To the soil is unpretentious, cold-resistant, light-hearted.

The fruit (Fructus Sorbi aucupariae) of the offices is used. Picking is September until the first frosts fall. By harvesting the fruits in their full maturity.

It is used in folk medicine as a strengthening and polyvitaminic agent, as well as porous tuberculosis. Sorbose is used as a source of sugar in the production of vitamin C as well as for food for diabetics. It is used to reduce fat in the liver, reduce cholesterol in the blood, increase the resistance of the blood vessels.

A great application is found in the food, liqueur and confectionery industries for the production of various poly-vitamin preparations.

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