Official name: Black elder

Latin name: Sambucus nigra L.

Other names: svirchovina, seleshnik, mimer, drumbus, boyzan, svirchina

Description: The black elder is a low tree or shrub, with a soft white core, gray bark and a height of up to 6 m. It grows in and near populated areas, bushes and forests throughout Bulgaria. It has a well-developed root system, oblong ovate leaves located opposite and yellowish-white flowers collected in multi-colored inflorescences. Blooms in April and June. The fruits are small, black-violet, juicy, spherical strawberries.

Part of the herb used: flowers (Flores Sambuci nigri), roots (Radix Sambuci nigri), fruits (Fructis Sambuci nigri) and bark (Cortex Sambuci nigri).

Harvest time: The flowers of the medicinal plant are harvested in dry weather, at the beginning of flowering in May and June, when most of the flowers in the basket have bloomed. The inflorescence is cut below the point of its branching.

The roots are harvested from August to September after the fruits have ripened. The fruits are picked at the same time when they are fully ripe.

Chemical composition/Contents and properties: Black elder contains many substances with a powerful healing effect: vitamin C, phenolic acids, flavonoids, flavonols and anthocyanins, fiber, zinc. The fruits contain tannins, carotenoids, amino acids, sugars, vit. A, B1, B2, mineral salts and pectin. The flowers contain the flavonol glycosides rutin, hyperoside and isoquercitrin, mucilage substances, essential oil and others.

Medicinal effect and application: The rich content of useful substances determines the medicinal effect of the herb - antioxidant, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, diuretic, diaphoretic. Elderberry is often used to treat flu and colds. Taking the herb strengthens the immune system, protects against heart disease, helps with bone pain, acts as a laxative, and reduces uric acid in the body. Elderberry naturally increases insulin production in the human body and thus regulates blood sugar. The fruits of the herb act effectively against diabetes, cancer, metabolic problems, increase the amount of useful "good" cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. Only well-ripened fruits are consumed - fresh or dried, strictly observing the recommended daily intake.


Possibilities to offer at the customer's request:
"Vesselino" LTD. offers its customers the herb in the following varieties:

- flowers (Flores Sambuci nigri) - whole dried inflorescences with short stem, crushed, ground into powder/flour
- fruits (Fructis Sambuci nigri) - dried whole, ground into powder/flour

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