Sea holly Eryngium campestre L.

Sea holly is a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Stěnikov (Umbelliferae). The root is spindle-shaped, long, deeply penetrating into the soil. The stems are erect and still at their base strongly branched up to 60 cm tall. The leaves are skinny. Stalk leaves are simple, enclosing the stem, prickly. The flowers have white or whitish petals. The fruit is elliptical. The whole plant has a blue-green color and has a globular shape. Blooms in July - August.

It is found in dry and grassy places, pastures, bushes and others. up to 900 meters above sea level.

The roots (Radix Eryngii) of the Sea holly are used. They are picked in March - April or September - October, with roots being dug in early spring before the plant begins, or in autumn after ripening the fruit, possibly on soft ground after rain.