Concretes are a wax like mass and is mostly used as ingredient in cosmetics and for production of absolutes, which are an alternative in terms of aromatic properties to the essential oil

Types of Concretes

The listed concretes specified from our clients could be produced on order basis

Botanical name: Rose Damascena auct. Non Miller
English name: Rose Damascena
Harvesting season (by monts) : 5-6

The rose concrete is a wax-like soft substance with orange-red color and the distinctive pink color smell. The product is obtained from fresh, non-faded flowers of oil rose using the non-polar solvent extraction method. The solvent (typically hexane) is removed completely after extraction. Basically, pink concrete is used to obtain pink absolule. To produce 1 kg of rose concrete, about 350 to 400 kg of pink color is needed. The rose concrete has a very diverse and rich composition - over 166 components, of which 30 hydrocarbons. Contains all the components of rose oil, with phenylethyl alcohol predominating - about 70%. In small quantities, rose concrete is also used in cosmetics and perfumery products. It has a softening, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating action.
Botanical name: Lavandula Angustifolia
English name: Lavender
Harvesting season (by monts) : 6-8

The Lavender Concrete is a yellow-green to green-brown Vaseline - like mass that holds more than 65% absolute. It is extracted from fresh, unpainted lavender color. The Bulgarian lavender specific smell and quality is one of the best in the world. It is mainly used for the production of lavender absolule.
Botanical name: Tobaci
English name: Tobacco
Harvesting season (by monts) : 8-10

Tobacco specific is obtained by extracting fermented tobacco with hexane or petroleum ether. It is used for the production of tobacco absolute and mainly in perfumery and cosmetics, mainly in the composition of perfume compositions for male perfumery with wood, oriental and aldehyde notes. The product can also be used in cosmetic products as a biologically active component.

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