Smoke tree Cotinus coggygria Scop. (Rhus cotinus L.)

Smoke tree

smoke tree

Smoke tree, also known as tetra.

The plant is of Cotinus coggygria and is found most commonly as a shrub up to 4m. or less often a low tree. The species is not protected. It is found in dry, stony and warmer places in the plains and foothills up to 800 meters above sea level in almost all of Bulgaria.

The leaves are 3 to 10 cm long. with a width between 2 and 7 cm, ovate or elliptical, bare or fibrous, often violet tinge.

For medicinal purposes, leaves are used (Folia Cotini coggygriae), which are harvested only during the flowering of the herb during the second half of summer (June-August), when fully developed. The leaves are characterized by a high content of tanning substances rich in ellagic acid and essential oils. They are used as an anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of dermatitis, burns, frostbite, gingivitis, inflammation of the female genitalia. Sumats and sumac extracts have shown a hypotensive effect.

Smidly is one of the most popular herbs used in gynecology. Potion is poisonous when used indoors

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