On May 11-12 in the city of Kazanlak, the festival "Healthy" Kazanlak takes place. One of the lecturers at the festival is Veselin Kolev - manager of the company Veselino, a company with an established name in the trade of herbs, essential oils, aromatic waters, herbal extracts, nutritional supplements and cosmetics in Kazanlak.
In recent years, several companies have developed and marketed two completely natural drinking rose water products under the brand "ReaSevt", recognized for innovation and already winning prestigious awards.
"Rose water - a source of health" was the topic of Mr. Kolev's lecture. The chamber hall of the DK Arsenal proved to be small to accommodate all those wishing to learn more about the health benefits of drinking rose water. Those present in the hall learned interesting details about the healthy and antibacterial effect of drinking natural rose water, about the influence and reduction of acidity in the gastrointestinal tract and overall hydration of the human organism, and this provoked them to ask many questions, to which the lecturer gave detailed answers .
Within the framework of the lecture, a free tasting of sparkling and natural rose water "ReaSevt" is organized, and all attendees have the opportunity to taste and feel the taste and aroma of Damascene rose oil in the healthy natural drink.

Due to the great interest, the "Veselino" company has been invited to take part in the next edition of the "Healthy Health" festival, which will be held in Stara Zagora in October.

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