White Horehound Marrubium vulgare L.t

White Horehound is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Labiatae family. The stem is 50 cm high, upright, below round, above four-crossed, branched, white-faced. The leaves are with handles opposite the cross, almost round, wrinkled, top dark green. The flowers are white, seated, located several vertebrae in the bosom of the upper leaves. The fruit is dry on four elongated nuts. Blooms in June - September. The whole plant has a pleasant smell.

In our country they meet in dry, grassy and turbulent places, along roads, fences, etc.

The above-ground flowering part (Herba Marrubii) of the plant is used. Bere May - August. Harvesting takes place at the beginning or during the flowering of the plant. Cut blossom cuttings cut at about 20 cm from the top.

In medicine, it is used as a sedative in coughing and chronic bronchitis, in inflammation of the bile and liver, in gastrointestinal disorders, and in painful menstruation. The aqueous extract of the plant has an insecticidal effect. It is also used in the liqueur industry.