Wild Angelica Angelica silvestris

Wild Angelica is a two-year old, perennial herbaceous plant of the Umbelliferae family. The rhizome is juicy, reversed with numerous roots, with milk juice. the dirt is up to 2m. high and branched. The ground leaves are up to 50 cm long. The foliage is large, on the edges jagged. The flowers are small, white, sometimes pale pink or creamy, collected in a canopy inflorescence. with 15-30 major rays. The fruit is elongated-elliptical. The whole plant has a characteristic, unpleasant smell and bitter taste. Wild Angelica blooms from June to September.

It is situated in the wet and shady places along the rivers all over the country.Rhizoma Angelicae silvestris and Fructus 

Angelicae silvestris of angelica are used. Ropes are picked up in the spring before the plant begins, and the fruit in autumn immediately after ripening.

In folk medicine, it is used as a urinary, catabolic, pain-relieving, stomach, spasmolytic and cognitive remedy. Externally, they are used in the form of aromatic baths for gout and rheumatism.

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