Wild Celery is a two-year-old herbaceous plant of the family Umbelliferae. Root is a starter and juicy with a yellowish-white or brown crust, sometimes with a red hue. The stem is upright up to 1 m high, strongly branched. The leaves are dark green. The colors are without cups. The beasts are gray-brown, ovoid, flattened on the sides. The whole plant has a specific pleasant smell. Blooms in July - August.

In Bulgaria it is found in damp and marshy places. We cultivate 3 varieties of celery - foliage, stalk and root. Celery is a moisture-loving plant very demanding for the structure and soil treatment. Suitable for it are sandy clay soils rich in organic matter. A cold-resistant plant is planted with seedlings.

Radish (Radix apii) and fruit are used. Bere is September - November, but before the cold. They contain essential oil, sugars, nitrogenous substances, mineral salts, vitamin C, and others.

In medicine, it is used as a urinary and appetite-stimulating agent. It is also used in the canning and food industry.

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